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Darach Ensemble Sun 30th october 2022, 3pm
Bass clarinet, oboe and cor anglais is a combination you may not have encountered before but these performers certainly employ the timbres of their instruments to conjure a rich, compelling sound world. The programme  includes works by Karg-Elert, Bach and Beethoven.



Flegiér Trio in B minor (Allegro agitatto: Andante: Intermezzo: Finale)

Karg-Elert Trio in D minor (Introduction: Doppelfuge: Rigaudon et Musette)

Beethoven Variations on ‘Là cì darem la mano’

Busch Divertimento (Allegretto grazioso: Quasi presto: Andante molto sostenuto: Molto comodo: Scherzo: Allegretto grazioso)

Bach Quia Respexit (arr. H. Maughan)

Bartók Romanian Folk Dances ( Joc cu bata: Braul: Pe-Loc: Buciumeana: Poarga Romaneasca, Maruntel )(arr. H Maughan)
Trad. Suite of Welsh traditional melodies  (Dafydd y Garreg Wen: Lisa Lân: Wrth fynd efo Deio i Dywyn) (arr. H. Maughan)
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